Zum Schneider FC 03 organizes periodic trips to Germany for friendly games and some great times.

Our friendship with Hamburg Club Victoria Hamburg in Germany lead to several trips across the ocean for both teams. After a visit of the "Hamburger Traditions Verein" Victoria Hamburg to NY City in 2009 we went to visit Hamburg for the second time in June of 2011 for a friendly match between our 2 clubs.

To make for a longer and even more exciting trip in 2011 we lined up 3 more matches along the way and packed a 10 day trip with 4 games total in 3 different locations: Hamburg (vs. Victoria Hamburg), Hasselburg/Altenkrempe (vs. BCG Altenkrempe), Baltic Sea, and 2 games in Berlin (vs. FC Magnet Mitte and vs. Louisville Kickers, Berlin) to round up a fantastic journey and 4 wins for the zum Schneider FC 03.

June 2011
4:2 vs Victoria Hamburg (Alte Herren)
2:1 vs BCG Altenkrempe (1. Herren)
5:2 vs Louisville Kickers, Berlin
3:2 vs FC Magnet Mitte, Berlin

Berlin, June 2012 - Louisville Kickers vs. zum Schneider FC 03.