Welcome to the zum Schneider FC 03 web site.

We are a membership-based, co-ed soccer club with around 200 members based in downtown New York City. Our members originate from 5 continents and all walks of life.

The club fields 5 different teams, coded by color, the zum Schneider Weiss (white), Blau (blue), Gelb (yellow), Grün (green) and Orange.

We are named after the German restaurant and biergarten "zum Schneider", located in the East Village at 107 Avenue C, in the intersection with 7th street.

The zum Schneider is our home, the place where we gather after games to socialize, drink beer and eat good hearty German food. At zum Schneider you can also see a myriad of trophies that the club has collected over the years, in memorable and fiercely-fought victories.

During the spring and summer season we host our "Stammtisch" after trainings on Tuesdays, in the fall and winter months it changes to Thursdays.

Sylvester (second from left, front row), owner of the zum Schneider and Alexander (second from left, middle row), Chief-executive co-founded the club in 2003.

The "zum Schneider FC 03" is an incorporated and fully insured Not-For-Profit Organization.